Napier-Halford Dagger Aero Engine

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Napier-Halford Dagger Aero Engine
Manufacturer Napier-Halford
Production years 1930s
Production location Great Britain

Napier-Halford Dagger engines served in the pre-WW2 Handley-Page Hereford bomber.



The Napier-Halford Dagger is essentially a larger Napier Rapier engine, where the manufacturers were again striving to increase power but keep the frontal area small top reduce drag.

This design was successful and lead on to the development of the famous Sabre engine.

How it Worked

Type: Air-cooled 24-cylinder supercharged “H” engine.

Country: Great Britain

Rating: 1000hp at 4200rpm

Weight: 631kg (1390lbs)


In the Science Museum's Records

Inv. No: 1950-257

Source: D Napier & Sons Ltd