Precision aneroid barometer

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Precision aneroid barometer
Manufacturer Negretti & Zambra
Production years 1984
Production location (unknown)

The precision aneroid barometer works by registering the movement of the sides of a vacuum chamber with exceptionally thin walls. The variation in air pressure, and the speed of any changes, give important clues to the immediate future behaviour of the weather.


My grandparents in Leeds had a barometer on their front room wall wall, by the bay window. It fascinated me as a child in the early 1970s. It looked valuable somehow, old, and technical. I'd go to it to check the pressure and outlook when we arrived at their house in Crossgates for an afternoon visit. What I liked most was the way it was a beautiful object, with carved wood, brass dials, shining glass, mysterious and evokative words like "pressure falling". My grandmother, Constance, kept it very clean. I think an adult explained how it worked to me one day but I was more interested in how it looked.

— Sarah Scaife, editor

In the Science Museum's Records

Inv. No: 1984-1727