Quadrant Shaft Driven Bicycle

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Quadrant Shaft-Driven Bicycle
Manufacturer Quadrant Cycle Company
Production years 1899
Production location UK

Attempts have been made from time to time to replace the chain drive of the safety bicycle by other forms of transmission; this one is by shaft and bevel gear.

This particular gear known as the ‘cross roller gear' patented in 1897 by Messrs W. & J. Lloyd and W. Priest, friction and wear is reduced by not having teeth pins carrying rollers of conoidal form of bicycle.

The gear was adopted for a time by the Quadrant Cycle Co.

How it works

The wheels have tangent spokes and 1.5 in pneumatic wired-on tyres; the pedals are of rubber.

A hand brake is fitted to the back wheel; the head lamp is an electric bulb supplied with current from a battery. Both wheels are 28 in. diam., the back one geared to 69.3 in.

The crank radius is 7 in. The wheel base of the machine is 43.5 in. and its weight is 41 lb.


In the Science Museum's Records

Inv. No: 1926-228