SF Cody Spring Balance

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SF Cody Spring Balance
Manufacturer SF Cody
Production years 20th century
Production location USA

The SF Cody Spring Balance


How it works

This spring balance was used by SF Cody to measure the pulling power of his aircraft propeller. This was achieved by attaching the aircraft to a tree with a rope, at RAE Farnborough, and placing the spring balance between the rope and the aircraft.


Samuel Franklin Cowdery, later known as Samuel Franklin Cody (1867 – 1913), was an early pioneer of manned flight, most famous for his work on the large kites known as Cody War-Kites that were used in World War I as a smaller alternative to balloons for artillery spotting. He was also the first man to conduct a powered flight in Britain, on 16 October 1908. A flamboyant showman, he was and still is often confused with Buffalo Bill Cody, whose surname he took when young.


In the Science Museum's Records

Inv. No: 1996-175