Wolf ‘Cubmaster’ Electric Drill

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Wolf Cubmaster electric motor drill, 1950
Manufacturer Wolf
Production years 1950 - 1958
Production location Hangar Lane EALING

Wolf Cubmaster electric motor drill, 1950 Wolf Safetymaster electric drill, 1958

The Cubmaster and Safetymaster are examples of the first British power tools available for the home. Before the war, power tools had only been used in industry. These drills now encouraged home-owners to do odd jobs and major renovations round the house.

Most drills could also be fitted with sanding and polishing attachments, or put into a frame to make it a steady fixed drill. Some could even be converted into a simple lathe.

Wolf made quite a number of different styles, types and sizes of drills, including a heavy duty model, available with different chuck sizes. The one with the larger chuck had a slightly different casting.


How it works

An electric motor is attached to a trigger and a chuck which holds a drill bit via a series of gears to increase torque.


I am still using my Grandad'd Wolf Cub drill. I cant believe they stopped making them in 1958 !

In the Science Museum

Source: S Wolf and Co. Inv: No: 1974-570/7, 1974-570/8

Dan Dare & the Birth of Hi-Tech BritainThis object is currently on display in the Dan Dare & the Birth of Hi-Tech Britain exhibition at the Science Museum, London.

More information

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